Terms & Condition


Please browse through this agreement meticulously and fully grasp the policies before purchasing any specific sticker type and other products/services from our website. Should you access, visit or utilise this site, you accept you have read through, grasped and approved be bound by these specific terms explained below.

Note: “Printing Amazon” reserves the right to alter, amend, update, remodel and tweak the agreement anytime with no any prior notification. We recommend you to analyse the agreement. Your persisted usage of this website is and will be considered to be your contract to be bound by any such alterations, improvements or changes.

Terms & Conditions functions as a contract between us, the business, and the client/ customer who utilises the services; that they are considered to have been acknowledged, and completely realizes the stipulations explained, and that Printing Amazon is not accountable for any kind of loss that may happen after each purchase because of misconception and misinterpretation of the client/customer concerning what exactly is posted there. By placing your order, the customer acknowledges our General Agreement, which apply for the whole timeframe of the business partnership. Thus, the General Agreement will apply not just to the preliminary business exchange, but to all of the potential purchases too.


We recommend you to share the feedback and queries with us, however we might not be in the position to respond to each of them. Please be aware that we assume absolutely no accountability for going over unsought suggestions for our company (akin to product or marketing suggestions), and will not assume any legal responsibility due to any kind of resemblances between those suggestions and components which might appear in future Printing Amazon services. Additionally, please remember you are accountable for any materials you post and that you, not Printing Amazon, possess complete obligation for virtually any information which you post, including its credibility, uniqueness and copyrights.

Ordering Method & Production Procedure

Purchases ought to be completed via e-mail. Confirmations over the phone calls are not approved unless inevitably required. All enquiries should have the info required by the Corporation (Printing Amazon). We by no means do any improvement or move into the subsequent process without confirmations from customers. Customers need to finalize the said payment initially before moving to printing procedure. In each payment made, GST and Shipping is covered.


All charges outlined on the Site are in Australian dollars (AUD), unless otherwise documented, and are susceptible to alteration by Printing Amazon with virtually no notification. Printing Amazon might modify the charges of any Products and Services and also adjust any marketing offers anytime without further notice. The cost of the Stickers and other products  are the value in force at the day and time -period of the purchase.


Customers must supply artworks in our standards to provide you with high quality of designs. We accept artworks in different of the files: PDF, EPS, Ai, PSD, JPEG, PNG, and High Definition Image files (a minimum of 300dpi). We will not be accountable for any kind of blunders which happen in the digital transfer of images. Make sure you examine your design and artworks meticulously and fix all problems before placing the order. You are likely to be accountable for the precision of the print-ready artwork documents, and we recommend you to proofread all of the documents cautiously before publishing to Printing Amazon.

After you have placed the order, it is possible to modify the artworks at your convenience prior to acknowledge final authorization via e-mail which you provided to us. After this period you may become liable to expenses if you want to change or provide new artwork.

We hold the right to refuse information that will not fulfill this standard, however we will not presume any responsibility to confirm that the information matches this standard.

The Customer acknowledges that colour matching along with the preparation of documents is subjective, and that completely precise colour-matching to 100% fidelity is occasionally feasible.

Because of the imprecise character of colour management along with the differences that may occur via their use beside the regulated environment of Printing Amazon, Printing Amazon should not be held liable for variations in tone, contrast, or some other facets of a picture provided because of its appearance on monitor. Customer is completely accountable for final proof and structure acceptance before the printing procedure. The final printing colors may be a little bit different from the actual colors.

A fee might be added to cover any kind of extra work associated where the layout information provided or described is not clear, comprehensible, or in the recommended format/specification to generate acceptable outcomes. The customer is exclusively and totally accountable for the copyright and legality of all the pictures supplied or printed by Printing Amazon. We, take absolutely no accountability or responsibility for virtually any graphics which have been approved by the customer (proofed) and printed that could infringe on copyright of any pictures.

It is up to the customer to look for authorization for the utilisation of any copyrighted images, trademarks or statements from the proprietor of those items to be printed in almost any shape or subject. We hold the right to showcase artwork provided by a customer for advertising/promotional reasons as sample of our solutions and items.

Printing Amazon will not sustain Client Information indefinitely. It is our exclusive decision, set limitations to the highest amount of days which we will keep designs or additional submitted documents, along with the highest storage space which we will assign to these kinds of documents. Printing Amazon is not accountable for the removal or inability to store any document whether submitted or developed on our site.

Colour Proofing and Coordinating

We turn Pantone colours to their CMYK alternative values for printing. In order to harmonize pantone colours we suggest changing these to CMYK utilizing pantone's recommended formulas. These could be found at the pantone colour finder site. We never suggest utilizing the conversions integrated in to Adobe software.

Any design provided in RGB will likely be changed to CMYK before printing. The CMYK colour gamut is unable to attain some of the vivid colour rates that RGB exhibited on screen is capable of. Please be mindful of sending neon / energetic shapes in RGB since they could become drab or darker when printed as CMYK.

We exclusively process exactly what the customer's artwork presented. To be able to provide the goods at reasonable prices, we, are moving on the production process to decrease the price whenever possible. Consequently, there may be a case to offer the missing amount in about 1-5% from the quantity of orders in extremely unusual instances. If you want to, please order a bigger amount so you will know should you consider this a fairly precise number. The user understands that errors such as a spelling mistake , syntax etc. is not corrected by the company. When it comes to design and the printing services we offer, remember to examine the information cautiously before you submit it to us. Thanks for comprehending the information above. With this regards we might not be capable of assist or re-produce the things nor have it reimbursed in case the damages or misunderstandings of information is not stipulated justifiably. Whilst we try to make sure there is absolutely no delay in the development and shipping of faulty items as far as feasible. In case due to an inevitable situation, this scenario happens, we are going to support the re-production. In re-printing, we might not allow adjustments on print information while it's on process. Keep in mind, with regards to malfunctioning items obtained by any possibility, make sure you get in touch with us within 1 week after shipment. If later, please realize that it may not be assured for re-production and regarded as substandard.

A lot of points beyond our management might influence the colours, for example paper surface and assimilation, colour of paper, kind of printing method, laminating and layer. Variance in colour all the way through the same job is typical and might not be eliminated with certain colour hues , especially on huge solid areas.

**Disclaimer - Genuine colours may differ moderately as individual PC monitors/mobile gadgets possess distinct characteristics from one another to showcase colour. Should you have any queries about colour, please message us before you decide to purchase and we will love the opportunity to assist you.

Order Approval/Proofing

Printing Amazon stands behind the superiority of the goods and services we offer. You will be accountable for purchasing properly and examining product sample/ proof supplied to you before you make a purchase. Printing Amazon possesses and considers absolutely no commitment to proof or else evaluate the information or design of the order. If Printing Amazon Team has inquired regarding the options that come with one of your previous purchases, you are not permitted nor should you believe that Printing Amazon will certainly examine any order you place. Customer is completely accountable for final proof and design confirmation and authorization before submitting to the print procedure. Printing Amazon will not make any specific adjustments on customer files without confirmation through e-mail of alterations which might be done to make sure that documents are correctly formatted for printing process. All of the these adjustments may lead to new proofs being supplied for your acceptance. As soon as you accept the final authorization, you will be committing that you are completely pleased with the file design and information and you acknowledge accountability for any mistakes therein.

Printing Amazon will not offer physical proofs of the purchase. Digital proofs are offered to our clients as a part of the purchase practice. It is the client's accountability to confirm that all of the details on the proof is right against the initial (and to fix any specific spelling or grammatical issues etc.), acknowledge, refuse or make any specific adjustments recommended to the artwork.

Should you not possess any kind of experience with print purchases and are unsure of stocks or colours, Printing Amazon suggests you ask for our assistance. You could possibly contact Printing Amazon Team, and we will be delighted to help you handle any kind of general concerns you might have with our print project. Printing Amazon will take Absolutely no accountability, in case the stickers and any other products are purchased with no query and then it will not suit your needs.

Making Purchases

If you would like to buy any specific sticker type and other printing product via the website, we request you to provide specific details relevant to the purchase, which includes, without restriction, transaction information and other details. Any such info will likely be handled as explained in our Privacy Policy. All info which you give to us has to be precise, up-to-date and complete. You exclusively signify and guarantee that you have the lawful right to utilise any credit cards or other method utilized to start and complete a transaction. You accept to pay all of the costs incurred by you or any specific customers of your account or debit card (or additional relevant payment process) at the charges in effect while these kinds of payments are incurred. You will be liable for paying any specific appropriate taxes concerning the purchases. Approval of info relevant to a purchase might be needed before our acceptance of the order.

Payment Method

All charges and figures presented on this Website are in Australian Dollars (AUD), unless otherwise mentioned, and are susceptible to modification by Printing Amazon with no notice. Printing Amazon needs the full payment to process any specific Orders. Processing of a purchase will not likely begin until you make payment with a legitimate credit-card, or cash fund (utilising PayPal). The customer confirms to follow our printing agreement. Customer additionally confirms to pay for the product through PayPal via Credit-card or Debit Card (MasterCard or Visa). The only receipt that we are able to mail you is the statement form from PayPal and you will not have any other type of payment available except PayPal. Creating and fixing Final Proof is free of cost. Printing Amazon will never be accountable for any of hindrance in finishing orders because of the delay in payments.

Order Shipment

Printing Amazon is likely to make every attempt to ship in a timely manner. Please remember that the completion times of the purchase depend on the approval day of your artworks, not the day you place the order. Please ensure you have monitored the item instantly as soon as it is shipped. In no case will Printing Amazon be responsible for any deficits, stated reparations, expenses, costs, risks or drawdowns incurred by the client or other individual or business emanating directly or indirectly from any specific inability to fulfill any specific anticipated shipping date. Dispatch options are selected by Printing Amazon unless stipulated in writing by the client.

Printing Amazon Clients confirms not to hold Printing Amazon accountable in the event of force majeure. Our shipping and delivery days are based on estimations given by our shipping vendors. Order cancellations may not be permitted because of technical problems.

During the Holiday Period and several other times, the production period might expand because of the quantity of orders we get. We always suggest that you permit additional time for production, particularly if you have to get the order in your hands by a particular day.

Turnaround Times

Printing Amazon's basic turnaround period ranges for any "Glossy / Matte" sticker printing from 9-10 business days which include shipping. Please check our "ETA Guideline" page regard sticker printing with other paperstocks. Printing Amazon tries to fulfill turnaround responsibilities for each project, however production delays might happen. Because of this, turnaround period cannot start in case: (a) the files haven't been provided to Printing Amazon; (b) the documents are not print-ready; (c) Authorization for your proof is not obtained by Printing Amazon; and (d) Complete payment is not made.

Refunds, Returns and Reprints Policy

At Printing Amazon, we would like our clients to be totally pleased with their purchase. We consequently suggest you to browse through our Returns, Refunds and Reprints Policy before you make a purchase from Printing Amazon, so that you know well about our policies.

All purchases are made depending on the requirements provided or issued by the customers. In case we discover we made mistakes, we will reproduce the product. We constantly stick to our regular turnaround period and Printing Amazon is not susceptible to any specific loss due to the delay on the shipping. In the event there may be technological issues happened during the production which will influence the time period, we will notify the customers immediately. If you have an issue with the purchase, you must save all of the packaging and containers for return delivery; make sure you get in touch with our staff as quickly as possible. All claims needs to be reported to Printing Amazon within 72 hrs of receipt.

The Client will check the stickers on shipment and within 7 days of shipping; client will inform Printing Amazon of the stated defect, inadequacy in quantity, damages or inability to adhere to the outline. Printing Amazon would not permit any returns or exchange of stickers if they are not reported instantly or within seven 7 days after the shipment.

Should you not get in touch with us during this time period we will assume that your work was acceptable upon receipt and will be under absolutely no commitment to offer a reprint.

Consumer is liable for meticulously examining their documents and solving any problems before putting the order, and welcomes the final authorization which delivered by Printing Amazon.

Events outside our management

A. We will not be accountable or answerable for any inability to print or ship, or delay in performance of, any of our commitments under an agreement which is attributable to situations outside our practical control ("Force Majeure Event").

B. A Force Majeure Event consists of any specific act, occasion, non-happening, omission or mishap beyond our sensible management and involves particularly (without restriction) the following:

I. Lock-outs, strikes or additional commercial activity.

II. Invasion, riots, civil fuss, terrorist assault or danger of terrorist harm, conflict (whether announced or not) or hazard or pre-planning for battle.

III. Explosion, fire, tornado, avalanche, earthquake, subsidence, outbreak or some other natural catastrophe.

IV. Impossibility of the utilisation of railways, planes, motor  transportation or some other way of community or non-public transport.

V. Not being able to use public or personal telecom coverages.

VI. The acts, decrees, regulation, stipulations or limitations of any authorities.


Using Incorrect Information

Printing Amazon utilise the information provided by the customers and is not accountable for any trouble in the event of any of the following:

* False name (client name)

* Inadequate shipping address

Customers are accountable for supplying Printing Amazon with the appropriate and complete delivery address. If a package is not shipped as a result of a mistake made by the customer in sending the appropriate and complete delivery address, Printing Amazon will reship the parcel with the right address and ask you for an extra delivery charge.

Permissions & Registration


Unregistered customers (or "Guests") might gain access to some section of the site or the information that is not confined to a password. Accessibility to constrained regions of the site will only be accessible to authorized customers of Printing Amazon and accessibility to these types of sections constitutes contentment of the agreement of Printing Amazon. Accessibility to stated sections will likely be refused if the password is not correct.


To be able to benefit from the complete features of the site and to purchase products, it will likely be required for you to sign up and create a subscription account with Printing Amazon. In case upgraded, brand-new, additional and/or improved features are introduced to this site, formerly subscribed customers will not usually require to re-register, nevertheless, you might be expected to re-acknowledge the Agreement and/or additional stipulations that may go along with the new features, improvements and/or developments.

As a part of the enrollment procedure, you may be supposed to generate a User ID and select a password. It will be your liability to select a suitable password and to make it confidential.

Restriction on Use

Except as explicitly mentioned in the Website Terms and conditions, none of the components and Intellectual Property explained therein might be duplicated, published, dispersed, republished, saved, exhibited, submitted or transferred in any kind or in any form or manner, including, although not restricted to, digital, mechanical, photocopying, documenting at least, without the previous authored consent of Printing Amazon, or the specific intellectual property owner. Any specific utilisation of Website Content -- which includes any commercialized use, duplication for reasons other than as listed under the Website Terms, adjustment, submission, republication, or efficiency -- without the previous penned authorization of Printing Amazon -is stringently forbidden.

Revisions and Errata

The components featuring on Printing Amazon site may well include technological, typographical, or photographic mistakes. Printing Amazon will not guarantee that any of the components on the website are precise, complete, or up-to-date. Printing Amazon will make adjustments to the components included on its site anytime without announcement. Printing Amazon will not, however, make any specific obligation to upgrade the components.

Right to Refuse

Printing Amazon reserves the right to utilise its exclusive decision in refusing to print anything it deems inappropriate or considered to be unlawful. Client/Customer explicitly comprehends that Printing Amazon, the subsidiaries, agencies, and workers are not accountable for any kind of loss as a result of unwitting violation of copyright regulations or unlawful utilization of trade names and slogans. The Client/Customer signifies and ensures they have appropriate and legitimate title of every issue (of any kind) provided to our business for printing and/or distribution. Client/Customer further recognizes that Printing Amazon will certainly depend on this kind of depiction as grounds to participate in the publishing of Client/Customer's materials.

Site Images

We make ideal endeavours to offer transparent and colour-correct product pictures on our website that perfectly indicate the correct nature of the items. Nevertheless, site pictures are naturally restricted in their capability to convey colour, range, and fine detail. We would like to emphasise clients to be cautious regarding making assumptions concerning products from the website image alone. We ardently encourage our clients to order actual samples.

Utilization of the Service

Printing Amazon provides the service of making your design. You can utilize the solutions given that you are of acceptable age to create a binding agreement. If you decide to work with our solutions utilising an account, it will likely be safeguarded by a password.

You are exclusively accountable for 1) offering correct, precise, existing and complete details about you as impelled in the Website account information segment and 2) sustaining and immediately upgrading account details to sustain its reliability, currency and wholeness.

User Feedback, Opinions and Other Submissions

All remarks, opinions, recommendations, proposal and suggestions unveiled, provided or presented to a Covered Party along with your utilization of this Website (collectively, "Comments/Feedback Information"), will become and stay the distinctive property of Printing Amazon. The Comments/Feedback can be utilized by a Covered Party in almost any channel and for virtually any objective globally, without getting your particular permission and you disregard all privileges to such Comments/Feedback. By posting any such details to Printing Amazon, you acknowledge that you will be moving and allocating, at no cost, all of your rights related to the info you posted, which includes all copyrights as well as other intellectual property rights. You acknowledge that Printing Amazon will be totally free to utilize such details on an unobstructed basis.

About the information on our site

Information on our site

We make sensible endeavors to upgrade the information on our site, however either or both might be obsolete at any time. We are under absolutely no commitment to renew our information and we make simply no representations, guarantees or assurances that the information on our site is precise, comprehensive or current.

Information is not advice

Our site includes information which is for general info only and is not meant to be guidance to you. In case you are uncertain about any of the information on the site, make sure you seek expert or specialist guidelines for your specific situations.

Viruses, mistakes or omissions

Sadly, we don’t pledge that our site, or any information on either will likely be devoid of mistakes or omissions. Furthermore, we don’t ensure that our site will likely be protected or free from glitches or malware. We suggest that you utilize your own malware protection application.

Use of the Website:

Upon purchasing, or otherwise receiving, a product or service, you affirm and signify that the following are a real and precise representation of the foundation on which you are obtaining the services offered on the website:

* Neither the Company nor any of the Staff member has offered you any recommendation concerning an appropriate service for you;

* You have adequate knowledge of the performance, utilization, storage, communication mechanisms and complexities connected with the products and services we offer;

* You are officially authorized to obtain and maintain information in your, or any other appropriate jurisdiction;

* You have not provided us with details associated with your acquisition of services that are incorrect or unreliable;

* You will offer us any extra info which might be realistically needed so that we are able to fulfill our lawful, regulatory and contractual duties, such as anti-money laundering responsibility;

* You will inform us immediately about all the modification details;

* You are of an adequate age to legitimately use the services, and you are unaware of the other legal factors to avoid you from utilizing services we offer;

* You take exclusive accountability for any limitations and challenges related to acquiring and keeping services;

* By utilizing services, you are not making a controlled purchase, as this phrase might be interpreted by the regulator in your jurisdiction;

* You are not utilizing services for any unlawful objective, and will not utilize our programs for unauthorized functions;

* You give up any right you might have acquired to engage in a class action lawsuit against any specific individual associated with the sale of products/ services;

* Your utilization of services does not include your purchase, possession or an equivalent in any present or upcoming community or personal organization, company or other enterprise in your jurisdiction;

* To the degree authorized by legislation and given we act in sound faith, the Company makes absolutely no guarantee whatsoever, either stated or signified, concerning the long term success.

* You acknowledge that all the services listed on this website are offered on an “as is” and “under-development” principle. Consequently, given the Company behaves in good belief, you acknowledge that the Company provides services without being capable of offering any guarantees with regards to solutions, such as, title, merchantability etc.

* You acknowledge that you possess exclusive accountability for deciding if (i) the acquisition, the utilization or possession of products/ services (ii) the possible recognition or depreciation in the value of services with time, (iii) the sale and purchase of services; and/or (iv) any other activity or transaction associated with services has tax ramifications.

* You will communicate professionally and avoid derogatory phrases or terms.


The Company (as well as the Logo), website link, and all relevant trademarks (mutually the “Trademarks”) are trademarks or provider marks of the Corporation. Absolutely nothing in this Website ought to be construed as enabling, by insinuation, or otherwise, any specific permit or right to utilize any of the Trademarks shown on this Website, without our previous written authorization in each instance. You might not utilize, duplicate, show, deliver, change or recreate any of the labels available on the Website unless in line with published sanction by the Company. The Provider discourages utilization of any of the Labels included in a hyperlink to or from any specific website unless establishment of this kind of a link is accepted in writing by the Business beforehand. Any queries regarding any Trademarks of the Corporation, or whether any label or sign is a Company’s Trademark, needs to be referred to the Provider.

Disclaimer Of Warranties

None of the Corporation, or any of the associates, suppliers or their corresponding officers, owners, workers, brokers, individual technicians or licensors (mutually the “Parties”) ensures the precision, adequacy, timeliness, credibility, wholeness, or usability of the of the Information along with the Parties disclaim accountability for mistakes or omissions in the Information.

This Website and all the Information is made available on an “as is” manner, with no assurance, either express or signified, which includes the indicated warranties of merchantability for a specific objective, non-infringement or name. Furthermore, there are absolutely no warranties regarding the outcomes of the utilization of the Information. The Parties will not guarantee that the Website is free of malware or additional destructive elements. This will not influence those warranties that are inadequate of exclusion, limitation or alteration under the regulations relevant to this Contract.

The Parties might refrain from or make adjustments in the Information and Website anytime without former notice to you and without having accountability to you. Any specific dated info is posted as of the day only, and the Parties will not commence any commitment or accountability to upgrade or change such details. The Parties reserve the right to discontinue any or all Website offerings or transmissions without previous notice to you. This Website might possess technological inaccuracies or typographical mistakes. Utilization of this Website is at your own personal liability.


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