Our Paperstock

1. Artboard

Our Art Paper Stickers are available in two varieties, the gloss and matte. These paper stickers are produced from quality materials in order to serve a wide range of uses, such as product labeling and mailers. These stickers can be used outside a house for non-permanent applications but they are recommended for indoor use.

1. Gloss

This type of finish is the most popular for Art Paper Stickers and is used for different application such as company and shops logo display. It has more striking appearance with your artwork design with its glossy finish making it perfect for a wide range of customers.

2. Matte

Matte lamination is a protective coating for Art Paper Stickers that provides tangible effect, subdued but add a very classy and comfortable finish where first impressions mean everything.


2. Waterproof

This type of sticker is produced from Polypropylene material which makes it freezer grade and water resistant. It is very efficient and can be used for labeling 0n bottles, cosmetic products and refrigerated goods. Outdoor use of this stickers should not be permanent as these types of stickers are not UV coated. Matte finish is used for this sticker.


3. Transparent

This sticker is best recommended to customers who want to take advantage of the background surface thereby making their design stand out. Outdoor use of these stickers should not be permanent as they are not UV coated. We always recommend the process with white base for stickers to be used on dark surfaces, car windows and shop for visibility & vibrancy purposes.


4. Kraft

This type of stickers has a similar quality to standard cardboard paper but this    Kraft paper stickers come with a quaint, brownish tone that provides a homemade look for your stickers. These stickers are perfectly made with smooth adhesive to help stick perfectly to your surfaces. They are commonly used for ornate and luxurious designs making the recycled look well suited for the environmental conscious customer.


5. Silver Matte

Our Silver Matte stickers are produced from polyester material which provides unique water and heat-resistant properties. They are commonly used for cap labeling and are highly recommended for customers looking for a unique sticker finish. The metallic vinyl material is thin making it an attractive option for labeling products such as electrical and electronics appliances.


6. PVC

These PVC stickers are produced from synthetic Resin (plastic) materials which provides excellent durability for consumers. PVC stickers are much stronger, thicker and UV resistant when compared to standard Vinyl Stickers making them ideal for outdoor use for several months.

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